Vocal Reducer Software

Software to reduce or remove vocals from standard song tracks.

Karaoke Sound Tools 2
Karaoke Sound Tools 2 is a very user friendly program for processing karaoke audio. It will reduce or remove (depending on the song) the lead vocals from a standard song track. It can also change the key and/or tempo of a BIN or MP3+G song while simultaneously keeping the lyrics synchronized.

Vogone Vocal Remover
Vogone Vocal Remover is different than the typical vocal remover as it has the ability to remove more that just center panned vocals. It also leaves you with a better quality sound track.

Vogone Easy
Vogone Easy is a program that anyone can operate immediately. Only three easy steps; load a song, remove the vocals from it, and save it.

Vocal Remover Pro
Vocal Remover Pro is a program designed to erase voices from any sound track. It is able to eliminate vocals from your MP3 song files producing an instrumental backing track.