CD+G Disc Burning Software

These programs will create duplicate copies of CD+G discs that will play in any karaoke disc player. They will also create custom compilation CD+G discs from multiple discs or MP3+G files. They work with most modern CD/DVD burners and there are trial versions that will let you test your burner.

Power CD+G Burner 2
Power CD+G Burner 2 is by far the most popular CD+G burning software available. It has a very user friendly interface that makes copying CD+G discs and creating custom compilation CD+G discs a snap. This programs is also the CD+G disc ripping software preferred by many professionals.

Microstudio is a high quality CD+G disc burning program with additional features like a karaoke disc and file player with key change, performance recording, integrated Vogone Easy vocal reducer, and more.